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I believe that we each have our own unique potential to thrive when we are equipped with... 




through this, Empowered Comm[you]nity is created as


a home where self-care meets community care.

we are happy to support individuals and communities through...

  • 1:1 life-coaching

  • education

  • elevating BIPOC voices in changing the narrative in personal and professional development 

about the founder,

Dr. Christina Vivit, PT, DPT, CDP

Certified Professional Coach



She is based in the Greater Los Angeles Area but serves clients in all places. Her background as a Certified Professional Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and community health researcher has allowed her to support many journeys. She has the honor of fostering safety, connection, and self-confidence in times of transformation and transition in all stages of life—including end of life stages. 


As a proud daughter of immigrants, reflecting on safety and security has been an ongoing part of her journey.


These are valued aspects of starting a new life of opportunity for current and future generations as immigrants and children of immigrants. Valuing safety and security within her personal and professional journey has been central to her decision-making process and growth. However, it was not until exploring what safety and security meant to her that she gradually learned what it means to find these within herself and her journey.


 Learning to value self-confidence and growth, she has found joy in fostering a life that redefines safety and security in her personal & professional life. 


Continuing to honor the example and sacrifices of her loved ones and ancestors is an essential part of her presence and drive for creating generational impact.


She finds joy in helping folx boldly achieve their goals while redefining the hustle mindset.


She also enjoys spending quality time with loved ones; connecting over food, coffee, & laughter; traveling to new places; and spending time at the beach or dance studio. 


certified professional coach 
certified by the Academy of Creative Coaching

doctor of physical therapy (DPT) 
serving & educating patients in geriatrics and pelvic health with integration of motivational interviewing and coaching practices 

certified dementia practitioner (CDP) 
certified by the
National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

community health researcher
advocating for prevention and community intervention for immigrant health with multiple studies presented at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting

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