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it is an honor & joy to support your journeys. 

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"Christina has worked with Vitendo4Africa as a volunteer Strategic Research Analyst and Member of the Board of Directors for over five years.  As the Executive Director,  I have worked closely with her and have observed her organizational skills and ability to manage research projects with ease.


Her professional and refined approach make her work much more valuable to clients. Christina should be your next business consultant, and I would recommend her to any organization."

Geoffrey S., MBA, CEO of Vitendo4Africa


"Every time I see Christina, I leave our conversation feeling empowered and inspired.

She helps me recognize the obstacles in my life and work through them with a new perspective."

Emily W. (she/they)


Christina helped me step into my authentic self by empowering me to explore my gender identity in a time of crisis. She validated my experiences, improving my self-esteem and regulating the anxiety I had about my future.


Today, I am thriving as a proud non-binary transgender woman, and I am grateful for her collaborative, genuine, and understanding support.”

Nikki F. (she/they)

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